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  • Taman Nauli Boutique Rooms and Restaurant


    Nomad Rating:3.25
    Quiet Level:
    Noise Starting Time:08:00
    WiFi Quality:
    Tips:Really bad experience, there is no soundproofing whatsoever, so you hear everything that happens in the next rooms and in the hallway. Even if you put on earplugs all the time, because the floors are made of cheap wood, everything moves. The "hotel" is situated in a really busy road so forget about silence, even at night. I asked them to change my room or return the money for the remaining nights but they refused. At the end, they changed my room which was the same awful room. The room is made from crappy recycled wood with a lot of gaps, that's why you hear everything and it's hard for the air conditioner to work properly because the cool air escapes. There are also a lot of mosquitoes and so many ants. I'm never coming back to this place, really bad experience.